This is Taba's Special Place

My name is Tabethanne Christianson McGrath. I was born in January 1990. I'm in the 5th grade now! My Grandma is going to help me do my page on her computer. She has her own site ... Ms Sam's Homepage. This is my Family's Website. My little sister has a page ... Kendra's Korner. I also have two brothers. Jonathon was born in October 1997, and his site is here Jonathon's Webpage. My youngest brother, Kristopher, was born December 1999. You can visit his site at Kristopher's Webpage.

I'm a very lucky and special person! I actually have two families. During the week, I live here with Grandma, my Dad, Sally and my two McGrath brothers. Twice a month, on weekends, I stay with my Mom and my other two brothers, Robert and Patrick. Occasionally I even get to visit my sister Yvonne (Evie), who lives with her Dad too.

These are pictures taken when I first started school. I have more recent pictures being scanned and those will be added to my "Grandma's Photo Album".


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