Kendra's Korner

Hi! My name is Kendra Marie McGrath. I was born on May 11, 1995, at 4:10 PM, in Kennewick, Washington. For those of you who likes STATS, I was 8 pounds and 12 ounces and I was 20 inches long. I'm still single, but Daddy makes really funny faces when anyone says, "Just wait until she starts to date..." I wonder what that means?

I am a very happy child and am always laughing. I love to play with balloons and doggies. Grandma Sandy had three of them when I lived with her, especially for me!! I'll also dance for you, any time I hear music. I learned to dance to the music on the Weather Channel. If I hear the music, from any where in the house, I'll run to the TV so I can practice my special form of dancing!

When I grow up, I want to be on the computer like my Daddy and Grandma. They call my Daddy "Quick Draw" because he likes to makes funny KABONG noises ... hehehe. My grandma is always on the computer too. I don't know why she won't let me help her bang on those funny keys ... that looks like lots of fun!

[Mother's Day] My Grandma Lanice made this special for my first Mother's Day in 1996. Aren't I cute?
Grandma Sandy got me a big cake and lots of ice cream for my first birthday. Who says, "You can't have your cake and wear it too?" [1st Birthday]
[Special Hugs] I told you I love doggies. Grandma Sandy says you give *HUGS* to special people you really like. Bert is one of my favorite doggies. I think he deserves one of those big *HUGS* too!!
Oh no, doggie kisses!! Ernie is giving Grandma Sandy a big, wet one. I think Bert is waiting his turn. He wants to give me one too ... 
Is this Puppy love?
[Family Kisses]
[Teething Toy] You know, when you're a baby and you're teething, being without your favorite chew toy can be a disaster! Bert must love me ... he let me teethe on his paw. Didn't taste as good as my toy, but when you're desperate...


Do you have to go now? Grandma Sandy says this is the special link that will take you back to "her place" Ms Sam's Homepage and this link will take you to my Family's Website. If you'd like to meet my big sister, she has her own page at Taba's Webpage . I'm a "big sister" now too. I have two younger brothers. Jonathon has his own page and Kristopher has his too! It was really nice to meet you. Please come and visit me again when you can.

Because I now live with my Mommy in Phoenix, Arizona, my Grandma Sandy just added special sites just for me! Come take a look at Oatmeal Kisses or Grandma's Collection For Kendra.

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