November 2001  
We have a lot to be thankful for this year. Even though Kristopher was hospitalized again for his croup, we're all fairly healthy, content and close to the finish of another year together as a family.

Everyone was getting their Christmas presents early this year. Kristopher was either going to bounce through his crib or over the top really soon. The bedroom he shares with Jonathon is just too small for another bed, so they got a set of bunk beds this year. Sally and I dragged out her sewing machine and even made curtains for their windows. Now they have a little room, their own beds and all the adults are turning gray waiting for the first nose dive off the top bed!

Taba had her bedroom set up in my old computer room. We assembled two sets of modular closets and painted the room a pretty shade of pink. With a new set of curtains, it definitely looks like a room designed for a young lady.

William and Sally have a log bedroom set ordered and pieces of it come in and are shipped back due to transport damages. Someday, they will have their mattress off the floor and be sleeping on their own bedroom set!

Our first November snowfall since 1985!!

The women folk all got together this year and cooked a lovely turkey dinner at "Grandma" Pat's this year for Thanksgiving. Fearing another predicted wind storm, dinner was done early and we all waddled away from the table!

We counted our blessings instead of our crosses;
We counted our gains instead of our losses.
We counted our joys instead of our woes;
We counted our friends instead of our foes.
We counted our smiles instead of our tears;
We counted our courage instead of our fears.
We counted our full years instead of our lean;
We counted our kind deeds instead of our mean.
We counted our health instead of our wealth;
We counted our God instead of ourselves.