May 2001  
It was a beautiful month for a road trip! Loading the new car, it was just me, the road and the radio ... I headed out for California, with Lake Tahoe as my final destination. My good friend, Leigh, had sent an invitation to join her family there, for the wedding of her daughter Mary.

The weather cooperated the whole time. Driving down it got a little too warm, but with air conditioning, bring on that sunshine! Tahoe was crisp and clear the whole stay. Coming home through the Bay Area had record heat and rolling blackouts due to their energy problems.

The visit was wonderful for visiting friends I hadn't seen in years! Ron, who took me to my first formal dance in 1964, drove up from Livermore to join us for the wedding. Leigh's younger brother Jimmy brought his family up too. I hadn't seen him since I was in high school! I won a jackpot and with 6,000 nickels, treated Ron, Jimmy and his wife to a great, female impersonator cabaret ... what a show!! 

I spent time with my ex brother-in-law C.C. in Fairfield, enjoying the company of family. Duane and his wife Ruth, in Sacramento, put me up for two nights. One night Ruth and I chatted until dawn and the second night was pizza, beer and The Mummy Returns. I couldn't have stopped in the Bay Area without getting in touch with Bonnie in Fremont. Remembering past adventures, we ate dinner and drank wine late into the night. I spent an afternoon drinking iced tea and enjoying great conversation with my dear friend Michael. Amazing how friends just pick up the conversation where it left off years before. Highlighting the trip was a visit and dinner with my brother Bill. I'm sure I weighed more going home than on the trip down there!!

The bad news was the differing altitudes and a knee not able to adapt as it should. By the time I got out of Tahoe, my knee was pretty swollen. The trip home was spent popping bags of instant ice and Tylenol every 4 hours. Not good,  but I'd have done the whole trip again in a heartbeat!

We try to buy tickets for the Washington State Firefighters Association's "Oldie But Goodie" show each year. This show had us all on our feet clapping and singing with The Kingsmen and Paul Revere and the Raiders!