March 2001  
Brand new laptop and luggage in hand, I started out for my first of several "vacations" this year. My sister, Willow, has lived in Tucson for several years ... always saying, "No one ever comes to visit me!" So I went to visit her, sneaking in before the desert weather becomes too hot for this Washingtonian!!

March is a wonderful time of year in the desert, with everything in bloom. Besides a wonderful visit, we worked on Willow's website, hiked through Sabino Canyon and enjoyed the awesome pool in her backyard. The highlight of the vacation was a trip the Desert Museum, allowing us to see the animals who make the desert their home.

William's daughter, Kendra, also came down for a quick visit from Phoenix. Not having seen her for almost 5 years, the changes were startling. What a young lady she's growing into.

William & Sally celebrated their 3rd anniversary. Congrats are in order for the two of them!!