January 2001  
What better way to start a New Year's Day than by showing true internal fortitude. As is our traditional event, three generations this year plunged into the chilly water of the Puget Sound, reinstating our membership in the "Olalla Polar Bear Club". Really, starting your year off this way, what could possibly happen during the year to be worse in comparison?

William and Taba joined myself as the cannon fired off it's official "BOOM!" at exactly 12:00 noon, January 1st, 2001. The only rules declared for this event, state you can't wear a wet suit and you have to get totally wet.

Sally braved the weather, though not totally sure of the sanity of this activity. Someone had to watch the dry towels, changes of clothes, Kristopher AND be able to operate the camera ... so she eagerly volunteered!

Jonathon joined us later, Daddy holding him above the water, and he literally got his feet wet, kicking and having a wonderful time. January 2nd, he wanted to know if we were going "swimming" again. Next year's celebration will see a 4th member in our group!

Taba turned 11 years old!

My cousin, Lynn passed away just weeks after turning 54. Her brother, Bill came up for the services. First time we've seen him in years. What a wonderful visit!