February 2001  
After my 1981 Reliant was totaled in Jan 2000, I bought whatever car I could, just to have transportation. The 1997 Neon was a nice car, but it wasn't the one I really wanted. So, this month started with a new car ... a 2001 Chevy Cavalier!

And now, what does the weather do? It snows here in Western Washington. We had a minor dusting one day and then a week later it snows almost 5 inches! While the kids and dogs were having a wonderful time playing in the yard, I left my new car sitting under it's snow cover ... it wasn't going on the road until ALL the snow melted! Thanks goodness for the old Ford Ranger 4x4!!

It was quite unsettling, going through Fred Meyers in Tacoma when the floor began to rumble and shelved items fell to the floor. It was probably one of the worst earthquakes I remember ... which is saying something having spent most of 60% of my life in California. We were fortunate to have only a few things fall. No one was hurt ... just shook up good!

Grandma Pat Sibert had her birthday!