December 2001  
Western Washington is rapidly approaching record rainfall in the Puget Sound area and snow in the mountains. We're spending more time around the woodstove as we prepare for the holidays ahead, wishing for a white Christmas, instead of just wet!

For year two, we made the trip to Snoqualmie for the Santa Train. The weather forecasted snow, but all we had for the day was a chilly wind and overcast skies. Guess we can't complain if the roads up the mountain were only wet, instead of being covered in ice or snow.

A friend of mine sent a wonderful email, reminding us of the differences world events have made on our lives this Christmas. I'd like to share that special reminder with all my visitors this year. <CHRISTMAS 2001>

Kristopher, Sally & I both had birthdays this month. Been pretty busy here!!

Lost another dear friend this month, just after her 55th birthday. Shirley and I had known each other since I started at Navy Hospital in 1983. I'm definitely going to miss this wonderful lady.