August 2001  
Such a busy month for family and friends. Mom hosted the reunion this year at her place in Olalla. We didn't have the family attend like we have in years past. It just seemed to be a very busy summer for everyone, recovering from surgeries or just surviving on tight schedules and finances. Those who did attend played plenty of horseshoes and enjoyed great company!

Olalla is known for it's annual Bluegrass Festival every August. This year marked the 10th anniversary. I worked on setting up a website for the Community Club and roamed the ball park site taking pictures to post. In honor of our festival, Kitsap County has now officially proclaimed the 3rd Saturday of August as "Olalla Days".

The Dept of Defense, where I work, offered a DEFY (Drug Education For Youth) program at Bangor Subase. Taba attended and completed phase one of the course. It's the closest she may experience to boot camp ... early hours, physical training and lots of rules! Phase two continues through the school year, with outings and projects to reinforce the summer's training.

William had another birthday this month. Ever since he discovered his first grey hair, he's been shocked to the reality getting older too. I'll be nice and won't say anything about his 30+ age!!