Bert & Ernie

Born July 8, 1991, Bert and Ernie joined our family though an adoption arranged by "Fur, Fin and Feathers". We were originally told they were Basenji-mixed pups. Anyone who knows about this breed of dogs, will tell you they are known for being barkless and jumpers. Mine ended up looking like 35 pound black labs, barkers and quite the bouncers!!

Ernie turned out to be the sleek, small framed lover. As my "self-appointed" shadow, he follows no matter where I go. Bert is the more muscular and big boned of the two. Bert wants to be everybody's "buddy"! Unless you're really familiar with the two of them, the only way you can tell the difference is by counting ... Bert's the one with four, white-tipped paws!

Here's a picture of Bert, doing what he loves best. He's quite busy, howling on the back deck. Is there someone or something approaching the property or just change in the life-force? With him, it's hard to tell ...  he just loves to be "singing" at the top of his lungs!!

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