Gizmo & Gidget

When I first met Gizmo and Gidget in June of 1999, I was told the parents were pure breed Australian Shepherds, but because of the possibility another dog had been involved during breeding, they could not be sold as pure bred pups. I wasn't looking for the status of "pedigree" ownership ... they were just two adorable, active and healthy pups!


Gizmo, the male, is a black tri-color and bobbed tail. Gidget, the female, has the red and white fur and one blue eye. As different as their appearance, so is their personalities. Gizmo wants to the lover, always under foot. Gidget wants to rule the world and is always picking fights with her adopted, 4-legged family!

Here they are as puppies, on one of their many "snake hunts."


Amazing how different dogs look when they become adults! I guess it's a good thing for all of us that we live on 1/2 acre. These dogs are very high energy and love running up and down the property! Luckily, they have each other to keep them busy and occupied. This was the first time they actually saw snow!

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