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Ms Sam and her family 12/2000

Sandy (A.K.A. Ms Sam)
For those of you interested, "Sam" was a nickname given to me by my best friend, back in grade school. When I first went on the Internet, she introduced me to her wide world of friends, via chat rooms. "Sam" was alright as a screen name but I got tired of the same question ... "Male or Female?" The "Ms" was added as an answer that question and has followed me ever since. 

Across the Puget Sound from Seattle, Washington, is a semi-rural area known as Kitsap County. Although it's rapidly following growth trends all over the country, there are still isolated areas of quiet, country living. Hard to imagine, with a major community like Tacoma only 20 miles away, my neighbors still raise chickens, horses, cows, sheep and pigs. Running wild behind my home are bears, pheasants, deer, possum and badgers. Living the simple life, here in the country, I can take the time to reflect on the people and things that make my life worth living.

High at the top of my priority list is my family. I'd like to introduce them all to you and take you on a tour of their web sites.

Yes, although I don't feel that way, I really am old enough to be a grandmother!! That's why I'm so pleased that William helped to introduce me to the "Clairol Color-of-the-Month Club". A woman in the 21st Century needs to look as young as she feels! *L*

My family and my friends are the support and challenges I cherish most. They're usually behind me, pushing me to my fullest abilities and there to catch me should I fall. Opening the door to the internet has introduced me to a world of wonderful "characters" of all ages and interests. Life just could not be better (unless of course, I has holding the winning ticket in the Washington State Lottery!)

Hobbies and Interests: 
My web page would not be complete, if I failed to mention the "others" who help make my life so enjoyable. Patience, my Shepherd-Collie mix, who was with me for over 14 years, departed for the "Rainbow Bridge" 6/2000. I adopted two Basenji-mixed brothers, Bert and Ernie, 11/91. The latest additions are another set of litter mates ... Australian Shepherds! Gizmo and Gidget joined the pack 8/99.  Devotion and protection... for a pat on the head and an occasional dog "cookie"!!

In my spare time offline, (those that know me will attest isn't too often), I do enjoy being outside. I have a rose and flower garden that is the rave of Olalla. I also enjoy getting away from the usual routine ... traveling at the spur of the moment or finding a quiet place to pitch a tent and do some camping. (Thank you Willow, my sister, for re-introducing me to this pleasure!)

My other passions include self education (I can't learn enough or fast enough, about this new internet technology), web designing and writing. I just recently hung out the official "Open For Business" sign on my web design site and my education continues. No matter how much I learn, there's always a new scripting language, program or technical configuration waiting to be discovered!

I'm delighted at the opportunity to meet new people and having the opportunity to chat and **hear** them laugh! I'm never at a loss for words, spoken or written, and look forward to sharing experiences with wonderful new and old friends. Be catching you later... online!

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